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Week 1 

This week Sound School got off to a flying start!

A professor at Berklee College of Music shared how sped up polyrhythms create harmonics:

"I have created a set of audio files that show polyrhythms sped up become musical intervals. For example a 3 over 2 polyrhythm sped up becomes a perfect fifth. The pitches are created by how fast the drums are being repeated. The faster I repeat the drums the higher the pitches will be. In the audio files I have decided to stop the ramp at various locations to show that the perfect fifth remains. No matter what sound I used (drum hits, vocal noises anything) the pitches would be the same once sped up." - Loudon Stearns.

Loudon also had the great idea to build a collection of musical terms explained through sound. Here are his examples to start us off. Now we need your contributions! Simply demonstrate your favourite musical term using sound, upload it to the Sound School drop box and we will include it in the set.

We also had a great tip on adding reverb to drums in Reason4. Thanks Edward! If you have tech knowledge you’d like to share, upload your tips!

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