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Sound School has come to an end! It has been a great journey and for the finale we gathered at Google Campus, London, to celebrate music, technology, and education. The event was an official partner to Internet Week Europe.

The evening began with a workshop from Roland Taylor from the English National Opera community choir. We learned a contemporary piece called Sound Without Words by composer Stephen Montague. It was a huge amount of fun and involved lots of strange sounds. Have a listen to the piece here:

We then moved on to the panel discussion on how advances in technology affect music education. We talked about the differences between online and offline learning and explored the implications of various kinds of technology for learning. We talked about how the social context of learning is important, and how different learners/users require unique things. One point became very clear - online resources vary in quality, but so do teachers in real life. Online tutorials can be great teaching aides, uniting teachers and learners across geographical distances, and mostly for free. Additionally, the way that quality control online is crowd-sourced means that it is easy to pin point quality from the rest.

Listen to the full panel discussion for further insight on this fascinating topic:

Panelists were: Evangelos Himonides, Senior Lecturer in Technology, Education, and Music at the Institute of Education; Roland Taylor, formerly Director of Digital and Participation at the English National Opera and Interactive Editor at the BBC; Jennie Henley, Lecturer in Music Education at the Institute of Education; and Tim Murray Browne, interactive sound artist and researcher.

Many thanks to the panelists and audience for a fun and stimulating evening! Thanks to SoundCloud for the t-shirts and to sharypic.com for the live PhotoWall.

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